Yan Wu
Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich

I am a first-year Ph.D. student at the Visual Intelligence and Systems group at the Computer Vision Lab, ETH Zürich, supervised by Prof. Fisher Yu. Before that, I obtained my Master’s degree from ETH Zürich and closely worked with Prof. Zhiwu Huang, Prof. Siyu Tang and Dr. Suryansh Kumar. And I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Tongji University and University of Bologna. My research focus is the vision-based policy learning with the goal to better bridge the gap between vision and action.


  • Representation Learning
  • Reinforcement Leaerning
  • Robotics


ETH Zürich
2021 - present
Ph.D. in Computer Vision
ETH Zürich
2018 - 2021
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Graduated with distinction
University of Bologna
2018 - 2017
B.Sc. in Automation Engineering (Double Degree)
Graduated with honor
Tongji University
2017 - 2014
B.Sc. in Automation Engineering (Double Degree)
Graduated with honor



SAGA: Stochastic Whole-Body Grasping with Contact, 2022, ECCV
Yan Wu* , Jiahao Wang*, Yan Zhang, Siwei Zhang, Otmar Hilliges, Fisher Yu, Siyu Tang
Trilevel Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution, 2022, CVPR-NAS workshop
Yan Wu , Zhiwu Huang, Suryansh Kumar, Rhea Sanjay Sukthanker, Radu Timofte, Luc Van Gool
Neural Architecture Search of SPD Manifold Networks, 2021, IJCAI
Rhea Sanjay Sukthanker, Zhiwu Huang, Suryansh Kumar, Erik Goron Endsjo, Yan Wu, Luc Van Gool
Neural Architecture Search as Sparse Supernet, 2021, AAAI
Yan Wu*, Aoming Liu*, Zhiwu Huang, Siwei Zhang, Luc Van Gool